2023 - Immersion in Samoa

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What Is Immersion?

The Cagliero Project offers an annual short-term immersion experience that lasts between two and three weeks, and gives people an opportunity to experience life in a developing country within a Salesian setting. 

The focus of immersion is to learn about another culture and gain an in depth understanding about life in developing countries.

Where Does Immersion Go?

The Immersion goes to Cambodia and Samoa, alternating each year. These countries are two of the main settings where our long-term volunteers are sent, as we are committed to sustainably supporting their schools and other youth outreach works. The Immersion group will have the opportunity to spend time at various Salesian works within the country they visit.


Cambodia has a rich ancient history however its most recent historical struggles ensure that life in Cambodia is tough for most Khmer people. The Immersion travels to Cambodia to visit some of the many Salesian programs and schools for young people. Participants will be able to appreciate some of the harsh realities of everyday life for Khmer youth. 


The Immersion travels to Samoa to visit Salesian works for young people, while gaining an insight into the realities of life as a Samoan. Although it is a beautiful island in the South Pacific, people often struggle with significant social issues. On Immersion, participants are able to gain an understanding of what life is like, particularly for young people in Samoa.


When Does Immersion Take Place?

The Immersion takes place each year around the school holidays between Term 2 and Term 3. It usually runs for two to three weeks. The next immersion will take place in 2023 and will travel to Samoa.

Why Go On Immersion?

The Immersion is an opportunity to contribute to an overseas Salesian community while learning about a particular culture and country. It gives participants an opportunity to develop relationships of solidarity, learn about global justice issues and to share in the life of young people in a developing country.


 It is also a great opportunity for people who are considering a long term volunteer placement to have a short term experience and gain a greater understanding of the reality of living overseas.


Who Is Immersion For?

Individuals who are 16 years or over with a proven interest in mission and social justice work are eligible to go on the Immersion. Priority will be given to those with previous experience in Salesian works.

What Does Immersion Cost?

The cost is $3,000 plus spending money. This includes airfares, accommodation, transport, most meals and travel insurance. It is also includes a donation to the communities where we visit. This excludes personal expenses, souvenirs and some meals.