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    Passionate Service & Solidarity with Young People

    Six to Twelve month volunteer placements, working with Young People in an overseas Salesian Community 

    Volunteer Teaghan with colleagues

    In the Community

    Teaghan volunteered for 12 months at Don Bosco Technical Centre in Phenom Penh, Cambodia. She taught English to students and build life-long friendships with other staff at the school
    Volunteer Jim with woodwork students

    In The Classroom

    Jim is a retired teacher with an expertise in woodwork who lept at the opportunity to share his skills with the young people of Don Bosco Tech in Comoro, Timor-Leste

    Mutual Learning

    Working together with our placement communities, we aim to utilise the skills and talents of our volunteers in order to provide the best possible contribution to the host community

    Following being accepted through our application process, you can expect:

    • Comprehensive preparation before you depart
    • Formation and learning abut the Salesian educative way and our values
    • Ongoing support once you depart
    • Fantastic young people to walk in solidarity with!

    That we send volunteers to

    Salesian Communities

    That we have a close relationship with

    Volunteers Placed

    In communities that best suit their capabilities

    What We Look For

    As a part of the formation process, we find the community that best suits the volunteer's skills and capabilities. 

    If any of these sound familiar, Cagliero could be for you!

    English Teaching

    The ability to speak and read English is a huge advantage in finding work for many young people

    Residential Carers

    Young people living away from their homes and families need positive mentors and carers 


    Teaching trade skills to young people sets them up with a sustainable pathway into the future

    Youth Work

    Supporting and caring for vulnerable youth at risk is a key part of many of our partner communities 

    Community Building

    Joy and happiness are integral to the positive devolpment of any young person


    An openess to trying new things to help out in whatever way best meets the needs of the host community

    Skills and Talents

    Suitable skills, talents and an interest in any particular field of service

    Open Mind

    An open mind towards all that immersion in a new culture and experince can bring

    Our volunteers go to special places

    where they do incredible things!