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The real Africa

Zambia is a large country found in the southern part of Africa. It is marketed to tourists as ‘the real Africa’ and is known for its amazing landscapes, wildlife viewing and the magnificent Victoria Falls. Zambian people are renowned as some of the friendliest and hospitable in Africa. Zambia is a predominantly Christian country that is home to seven major different tribes. Unlike many of Zambia’s neighbouring countries there is very little tribal animosity.

Despite the vibrant spirit of the Zambian people the average Zambian lives in dire poverty. The biggest issue for Zambian young people is the prevalence of HIV/AIDs. Poor access to health and education are additional factors impacting negatively on the lives and welfare of young people. The cycle of poverty has no end in sight as over half of the population are unable to secure employment and there is widespread corruption on all levels and in all facets of society.

The Salesian Sisters first began work in Zambia in 1984 and have since established a strong presence throughout the country, working in schools, orphanages and oratories.

The Cagliero project seeks volunteers for City of Joy, a Salesian home for girls at risk in Mazabuka.