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Application Process

The following is a summary of the Cagliero Project application process. Please note that you do not need to wait until these dates to submit your application. They are simply the final dates that we will process applications.

  1. Read through our program requirements and philosophies to discern if the Cagliero Project fits well with the skills you have to offer. Please click here to learn more about our program requirements.
  2. Make an official enquiry through our website. Upon receiving your enquiry, we will send you an application form. Please click here to enquire about the Cagliero Project.
  3. Applications will be accepted until October 30th, 2021 for a January 2021 departure.
  4. After your application has been reviewed you will be contacted for an interview.
  5. Acceptance letters will be sent within two weeks of your interview.
  6. Once accepted into the program, the Cagliero Project Director will work with the new volunteer to determine the best possible placement. The host community is then contacted and responds to the Cagliero Project Office to confirm the placement.
  7. At this point all the necessary travel, visa and insurance arrangements will be made for the volunteer by the Cagliero Project. The volunteer will ensure they obtain the appropriate vaccinations and will prepare for any other aspects of their placement.
  8. All volunteers are required to attend a formation and training program prior to departure. Please click here to learn more about our training and formation processes. This year there will be Zoom sessions in November and December. The dates will be confirmed. The in person formation program will take place in Victoria from Friday, 14 January - Tuesday, 18 January.
  9. Volunteers usually depart the week following the formation program.

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