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Thailand is famous for its exquisite beaches

Thailand is a proudly Buddhist nation known for its incredible hospitality that is extended to all visitors. Thailand is famous for its wonderful cuisine and exquisite beaches. The Thai cultural identity is very strong which is predominantly due to the fact that they are the only country in Southeast Asia that was never colonised.

There are however some difficult realities in Thailand that are passed over by the eye of the tourist. Significant social issues include limited access to education and gender inequality. There are also many problems in the north of Thailand with the marginalisation of the hill tribe people. Young people in particular are often left extremely vulnerable and disadvantaged as a result of these issues.

The Salesians of Don Bosco first came to Bangkok, Thailand in 1927. The Salesians now run parishes, youth centres and primary and secondary schools throughout Thailand. Today, the Salesians continue to work with orphaned young people and also hill tribe youth who are commonly placed on the periphery of Thai society.

Thailand is an area of priority for the Cagliero Project as it remains a place of effective outreach for disadvantaged young people. The Cagliero Project seeks volunteers for Don Bosco Home in Bangsak and Don Bosco Home in Chiang Mai.