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Divine Mercy Primary School

Divine Mercy Primary School

Malololelei, Samoa

The Divine Mercy School is run by the Salesian Sisters. The school is located in Malololelei on the island of Upolu in Samoa. The village is quite high up in the mountains, behind the capital city of Apia. The school caters for pupils beginning with pre-school and up to year 8. It is a new undertaking for the Sisters who were invited by the Archdiocese in 2013 to start a community and school. The Sisters commenced the school in 2013 and it was officially completed in 2015.

As the village is quite remote the school aims to provide an education for children in Malololelei and the surrounding villages. This is important so the children do not need to travel too far to attend school. The community is also involved at the local parish teaching religion classes and facilitation the Children of Mary group.

The Cagliero Project sent its first volunteer to work in Malololelei in 2014. Volunteers in this placement work at the Divine Mercy Primary school as teachers, tutors and teaching assistants. They also participate in and help to run after school tutoring and activities. Volunteers are also invited to participate in the various activities that the Sisters are involved in at the local parish.

Divine Mercy Primary School needs volunteers to work in the following areas:

  • teaching English as a second language (ESL)
  • assisting with the reading program and in other classrooms
  • conducting afterschool tutoring sessions
  • leading oratory activities and assisting at the local Parish