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Samoan Fale

Samoa is one of the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific. There are only 190,400 people that inhabit Upolu and Savai’i, the two islands that make up Samoa, a predominantly Christian country. Samoans have a very strong cultural identity and take great pride in ‘Fa’a Samoa’ - the Samoan way. Their culture puts a great emphasis on family and the ‘Fale’ (house) as the centre of their lives.

Samoans enjoy a relaxed pace of living, however there are many things that threaten their way of life, including natural disasters such as tsunamis and cyclones. Major social issues in Samoa are poor nutrition, domestic violence, alcohol abuse and a lack of employment opportunities. The country’s economy is extremely limited, with most money coming from foreign aid. Due to these and other contributing factors, Samoa has one of the world’s highest rates of youth suicide. These ongoing social problems have presented great struggles for the people of Samoa. The Cagliero project works closely with Samoa as it is one of our closest neighbours in the pacific.

The Salesians of Don Bosco first came to Samoa in 1981. In that year they established a technical school for young men that had not succeeded in mainstream education. Today, Don Bosco Technical Centre is one of the most respected schools in the country. Salesian Priests, along with the Salesian Sisters, now run: parishes, youth centres and primary and secondary schools throughout Samoa.

The Cagliero Project seeks volunteers for Divine Mercy Primary School, Malololelei, Don Bosco High School, Saleleloga and Don Bosco Technical School, Alafua.