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What kind of work do Cagliero Volunteers do?

In determining the type of work our volunteers do – we take into account their training, academic standard and trade/professional background. Volunteers also have an opportunity to express a geographical area of interest on the application. We do our best to place people in the country/region they wish to go. A primary focus of the Cagliero Project is working with the young people in the community: in a school, youth centre, oratory or mission centre. Therefore volunteers take on roles such as teachers, mentors, counsellors, social workers, labourers or nurses. Our volunteers are given a specific job before going abroad, however, there are a lot of different ministries that go on in a Salesian community and they may be called to undertake other tasks. For example, a primary task may be to teach in a technical school, but the community in which you live may also run a food program for the poor and you may also be called upon to assist with that program.

Where can you go as a Cagliero Volunteer?

The Salesians of Don Bosco have communities all over the world. The Cagliero Project focuses on supporting Salesian communities in the Asia and Oceania regions. We also extend our support to some parts of Africa. There are placement descriptions found above that give a thorough look into the different placements we offer.

How are Cagliero Volunteers placed?

When you apply to the program you can indicate a preference for an area of the world in which you want to work and the kind of work you want to do. After being accepted into the program the process of placing a volunteer begins. This entails discussing different options with the volunteer, contacting a placement and receiving approval from the placement to host the volunteer. Your placement request cannot be guaranteed and we ask you to be flexible throughout this process. It is important that the volunteer and community fit well together so we will do our best to find you a community that best suits your needs and the type of work you want to do.

  • Fiji

    Fiji is made up of 330 islands, with only around a third known to be inhibited. Fiji is sprawling with natural beauty located in the South Pacific approximately 3000 km from Australia and 2000km North of New Zealand. Read More
  • Australia

    Australia is well known for its beautiful natural wonders, wide open spaces, deserts and beaches. It is also one of the world’s most highly urbanised countries and has some wonderful cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Australia is a wonderfully diverse nation of migrants and people come from all over the world to make Australia their home. Read More
  • Timor-Leste

    Timor Leste boasts great natural beauty however the people, with their warm welcoming nature and natural generosity, are the most precious thing about Timor-Leste. Read More
  • Zambia

    Zambia, a large country found in the southern part of Africa is known for its amazing landscapes, wildlife viewing and the magnificent Victoria Falls. Zambian people are renowned as some of the friendliest and hospitable in Africa. Read More
  • Solomon Islands

    Solomon Islands is a beautiful country located in Melanesia full of diversity and rich in culture. It consists of nearly 1000 different islands, each with its own traditions and unique language. Read More
  • Samoa

    Samoa is one of the most beautiful islands in the South Pacific. There are only 190,400 people that inhabit Upolu and Savai’i, the two islands that make up Samoa, a predominantly Christian country. Read More
  • Thailand

    Thailand is a proudly Buddhist nation known for its incredible hospitality that is extended to all visitors. Read More
  • Cambodia

    Cambodia, a predominantly Buddhist country, is home to the magnificent Angkor Wat however the real treasure of Cambodia is the Khmer people. Read More
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