Fiji is made up of 330 islands, with only around a third known to be inhibited. Fiji is sprawling with natural beauty located in the South Pacific approximately 3000 km from Australia and 2000km North of New Zealand.

With more than one fourth of the population of Fiji under the age of 15, the population is young. Income disparity between urban and rural families, and access to education and employment impact the prospects for all. The two main sources of income in Fiji are subsistence farming and tourism.

Fiji’s many mixed ethnicities lend itself to a rich cultural heritage, with aspects of traditional Fijian life, such as traditional crafts, village systems, and ceremonies still present in daily life.

The Salesians have been present in Fiji since 1999 with Don Bosco Formation House located in Suva. The Salesians are actively engaged in offering activities to youth of the Muanikoso and the Makoi area, and have recently finished the construction of and opened ‘Don Bosco Youth and Education Centre’.