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Don Bosco Children’s Fund

Don Bosco Children’s Fund

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Don Bosco Children’s Fund (DBCF) was opened in 1992 to attend to children from disadvantaged communities and orphans. It guarantees that poor children can attend school through a sponsorship program. The project has its headquarters in Phnom Penh and offices in Poipet, Battambang and Sihanoukville. Since its inception DBCF has attended to a population of more than 50 thousand children throughout Cambodia.

Don Bosco Children’s Fund in Phnom Penh has two main outreach activities. The first is the BESS group. The focus of the BESS group is ensuring that young children are provided with a basic education. The second outreach focuses on supporting young people and families who are impacted by HIV/AIDs. Both groups visit local villages and seek to address both the immediate and longer term needs of the young people they care for.

Both the BESS and HIV programs conduct distribution and visitation. During distribution the young children who are sponsored undertake education and formation activities. This can include information such as the importance of education and good nutrition. The program is designed to not only provide the young people with basic needs but also to provide a holistic education. During visitation the outreach team visits the homes of the young people to make assessments and ensure the well-being of the young person.

Cagliero volunteers have been working with Don Bosco Children’s Fund since 2008. Volunteers have worked in both the BESS and HIV program supporting the outreach staff and providing education and activities to the young people involved in both programs. Cagliero volunteers have created wonderful connections with the young people whom they work with and also the outreach staff from Don Bosco Children’s Fund.

Don Bosco Children’s Fund needs volunteers to work in the following areas:

  • assisting with the distribution program for both the BESS and HIV programs
  • teaching English through games and activities during the distribution program
  • leading oratory activities with young people attending distribution
  • providing marketing, fundraising and administrative support