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Engadine Community

Don Bosco Engadine Community

Sydney, Australia

The Salesian community is located in the beautiful suburb of Engadine in the city of Sydney. Engadine is located south of Sydney in the Sutherland shire and boasts of tremendous natural beauty as it surrounded by the Royal National Park. The community has so many different aspects of its outreach to young people. There is St. John Bosco High School, Dunlea Centre (Australia’s original boy’s town) and it is also home to the Salesian sisters who work in the primary school.

A key part of the community is St. John Bosco Parish, known for its deep connection to the community and incredible outreach to those most in need. They also have a thriving youth group that provides young people of all ages a safe space to gather, an opportunity to grow in their faith and in true Salesian spirit, a place to have fun! Volunteers in the Engadine community will not be bored!

The Engadine community is a new placement for the Cagliero Project. We are looking forward to a long relationship of sending volunteers to the Engadine community. The main places of work for the volunteer will be Dunlea Centre and St. John Bosco Parish.

There is so much diversity in the work of the Engadine community that we look forward to welcoming volunteers from all backgrounds – teachers, social workers, youth workers, youth ministers and those with interest and experience in any field related to working with young people. As there is such a diverse range of activities that a volunteer can undertake, we will work with the volunteer and community to ensure we best utilise their background in the various outreach activities of the Engadine community.

The Engadine community needs volunteers to work in the following areas:

  • providing support and working with young people at the Dunlea Centre (ESL)
  • teaching academic school subjects
  • engaging in oratory and sporting activities with local young people
  • supporting and mentoring young people in the diverse range of youth groups at St. John Bosco Parish